Joyful Lotus is dedicated to helping people discover the deep sense of peace that can be achieved when the body and mind are allowed to fully let go and relax.

Of course, letting go and relaxing are often more easily said than done! Sometimes a little help is needed, and this is why I created Joyful Lotus.

I offer several complementary modalities that are designed to promote a state of deep relaxation through all levels of your being. Relaxation creates space, space creates room, so that everything that needs to flow, can flow. Thoughts, feelings, breath, energy... all flowing, working together to help you along your path...

Laurel :)

Enjoy your favourite massages more often...
for less money!

Save up to $40 when you purchase a package of 4 Ayurvedic massages. That's $10 off each visit!

The beneficial effects of massage are cumulative! A regular massage (eg. once per month) will help to reset your nervous system and build resilience to the effects of daily stress. Now it's even more economical to make massage an integral part of your self-care regimen.

4 x 75 minutes - $260 (regular price $300 - save $10 per massage)

Package must be paid for on the first visit. No expiry date. Non-transferable.

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Gift Certificates

Are you looking for a special gift for a dear friend or loved one? Maybe you know someone who works tirelessly to make this world a better place, and would like to offer them a luxurious, de-stressing treat as a way to say "Thank you!". Gift certificates are available for any service that Joyful Lotus offers, as well as dollar amounts, if you prefer.

Please contact Laurel to discuss options, payment and delivery: laurel@joyful-lotus.com

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