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Vishesh is the invigourating version of Ayurvedic massage, and is an excellent choice for those who are feeling sluggish and in need of rejuvenation after a long winter. Garshana is an exfoliation treatment performed with raw silk gloves, preparing your skin for the oil used in the vishesh, and promoting circulation.

90 minutes - $65.00
(save $10, hst is included)

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NEW! hot stone massage

Because of your requests, I am now certified in Hot Stone massage!

Enjoy a truly body-melting relaxation experience with the soothing heat of hot basalt stones sinking into your tired, achy muscles. Arms, legs, feet, back, neck and shoulders will be addressed with rhythmic heat, followed by a refreshing facial massage with chilled stones to gently bring you back to carry on with your day.

90 minutes - $75

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massage packages

Save $40 when you purchase a package of 4 x 90 minute Ayurvedic massages.
That's $10 off each visit!

The beneficial effects of massage are cumulative. A regular massage (eg. once per month) will help to reset your nervous system and build resilience to the effects of daily stress. Now it's even more economical to make massage an integral part of your self-care regimen.

4 x 90 minutes - $260
(regular price $300 -
save $10 per massage

Package must be paid for on the first visit. No expiry date. Non-transferable.

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